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Tiny House Product Reviews by Tiny B

Sharing reviews on major appliances and equipment in the tiny house.

-Brand Names, Specifications, Where to buy, and What Works for Just B Tiny house . . .

After two years living in the tiny all appliances are energy efficient and economical.


Tiny House Heating and Cooling System - Blog #10 Tiny House Air
Mini Split Air Conditioner

Tiny House Loft Skylight - Blog #11 Tiny House Skylight

Tiny House Skylight

Open door policy for sharing info at our tiny

Hope you find reviews helpful. So far so good on how energy efficient all the tiny house appliances are and cost effective too. 

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Future reviews will include: tank-less on demand water heater, refrigerator, oven/stove-top, washer/dryer combo, propane heater.

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Love, Tiny B ♥

Just be resourceful and share . . .

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