Tiny Bs journey

Tiny World Welcome

Welcome to my tiny world and my tiny house called, “Just B Tiny”. My nickname is Tiny B. I have always been fascinated with tiny things from the day I started collecting tiny rocks, tiny shells and tiny charms as a kid. When I was in the special events industry, my nickname, The Tchotchke Queen came from working with promotional product giveaways back in the day I was producing events and matching my tiny purses with social affairs. From there, I started my tiny company called, Just B, in which I made and sold artisan crafts. When I got my tiny house, it only seemed fit to call it “Just B Tiny”.

What led me to living in a tiny house full time 

Hardship. The kind of challenges life delivers to us on our journey. Mine, was finding myself homeless, after a series of severe losses, which included a life altering loss of a business and homestead in a remote mountainous area in Northern, California. This caused my partner and myself to move to the Southeastern region to rebuild our lives, until my Father passed, devastating my small family and leaving my Mother, 81 years old, alone in Las Vegas, Nevada. The strain of being estranged across country took a toll on my relationship with my common law husband and business partner which ended, after 14 years, leaving me stranded without a place to live and with minimal funds. In the Spring of 2016, out of desperation, I launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for a road trip from Atlanta to Las Vegas to help my family.



Tiny House Book

My life exploded when I discovered tiny houses from the book, “Tiny Houses Built with Recycled Materials” by Ryan Mitchell, author of Tiny House Living. From there, I started researching tiny house contractors. Most tiny house companies had a wait list of a year out on their production and, I didn’t have that kind of time. I interviewed Nathan Light Watson of Tiny SMART House out of Albany, Oregon and he expressed compassion for my dilemma, and together, we chose each other. His crew built my tiny 20’ long by 8’– 1/2” wide by 13’–1/2” tall tiny house on wheels, and I went from homeless to a tiny house within just six months. In November of 2016, I began the tiny life.

…on the road…

East to West Coast

Back when I was on the road, crossing nine states and traveling 2,800 miles in a truck with two cats, compromised eye sight being unable to drive at night, and suffering from multiple debilitating health conditions causing chronic pain, I arrived at my destination in Las Vegas. The place I secured to stay at fell through, and I found myself homeless, having to leave three storage units shipped from Georgia behind. Simultaneously, family loss continued with my daughter care taking her father, my first husband of 14 years, and guiding him through the last stages of his life.

Homeless – It Can Happen . . . It Did

Next six months were spent on the road, homeless and having been taken in by family and friends throughout the Western region. I added another 3,600 miles until I discovered tiny houses the Summer of 2016, while staying with a friend in Northern California. That summer, I lost my beloved pet of 8 years. I’d had enough loss. Finally, I could see a way to have a roof over my head and place I could call home. It was time to build and I started designing the tiny house.

Welcome Reunions

Along the journey, crossing ten states, 6,400 plus miles, I found joy reuniting with family and friends, and how Americans helped my cats and me with their compassion and kindness. I appreciated how great this country is, even more so on top of past travel experiences, of diversity, cultures, and landscape. How strangers opened their hearts to help a single woman, 56 years old with her pets searching for a new home.

Just B abundant only downsized . . .

Having led an abundant and successful lifestyle as an event planner and industry leader, I learned how resilient and resourceful I could be in overcoming problems. Traveling across country shedding belongings spending time and money hauling and storing it, I know what’s important to me, and it’s not buying and holding on to a vast amount of stuff.


Living full time in 220 square feet and shedding clutter is a huge undertaking. Especially when downsizing and re-organizing belongings from a 4,100-sq. ft. foundation home, with an overabundance of life long collections, family heirlooms, arts and crafts is an emotional process in learning to let go. But with patience and taking one day at a time, along with one project at a time; the result is truly gratifying.

Symbol of Hope

My “Just B Tiny” house is a symbol of hope, labor of love, inspiration of creativity, and commitment to living sustainably. This lifestyle allows for green living by using cost effective, energy efficient appliances, leaving a small imprint in the community. Most items in my tiny have been reused and upcycled to serve a different functional purpose or recycled and given to charity.

Tiny B – The Journalist

Journaling tiny house life is rewarding and educational. By writing about adventures, reviews of appliances, and sharing design ideas; I hope to inspire others who are thinking of going tiny, in the process of a build or living the tiny life.

Sharing & Inspiration

By following fellow tiny house owners, I learn inspiring tips and tricks of the tiny house trade and get to experience their adventures through social media, which provides an interactive platform for the tiny house movement. Tiny houses should be legal. I am a member of the American Tiny House Association and through my blog, I hope to be a frontier spokesperson in supporting tiny house figureheads, contractors, owners and wannabes in helping us all move forward.

The Tiny Life

I feel like I’ve been searching my whole life to live the tiny life. By traveling every year for summer vacations, my parents instilled a wanderlust in me. Sometimes, in my case, you must take what life delivers you, learn your lessons, keep positive, and make a tiny house out of it!

Just B Grateful . . . 

I am grateful for all the diverse chapters of my not so tiny life. After going through the process of tiny house living, and being known to love all things tiny, it’s now become a passion to share it, as an alternative lifestyle, that allows mobility, freedom and happiness in living a simpler life.

So, there it is, Tiny Bs not so tiny story of survival. And, that’s the past but an important part of my journey.

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~Love Tiny B ♥

Just appreciate what got you here and Just B in the now . . .