To my tiny world and tiny house called, 'Just B Tiny'.

Come join me in the adventures of going tiny and exploration of an exciting alternative lifestyle.

Just B Tiny House

Tiny B Quotes

"Let me share with you that I've lived in foundation homes, up to 4,100 sq. ft. and I am happier now, downsized to 220 sq. ft. of space. If I can do it ~ you can too!"

"I am grateful for the diverse chapters of my life. After going through the process of downsizing, and being known to love all things tiny, it's now become a passion to share this alternative lifestyle, that allows mobility, freedom and happiness in living a simpler life."


"I feel like I've been searching my whole life to live the tiny life. Traveling every year, my parents instilled a wanderlust in me. In my case, with the hardships of the past, you must take what life presents, learn your lessons, keep positive, and make a tiny house out of it!"


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Green Living

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